• Spaceye. Our online Earth Observation Platform.
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    Get critical information and added-value products from satellite imagery.

  • Creating Cloud-less Mosaics

    We compose global, temproral Cloud-free Mosaics. Browse our example.

  • Extracting Intelligence
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    Analyze satellite data and get valuable results in a few minutes.

    Take advantage of our high-end remote sensing products for precision agriculture.

  • Understanding the Environment
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    Detect changes in every part of the earth.

    Use our platform for hazard assessment, event extent mapping, damage estimation and more.

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Simple. Fast. Accurate.

The Spaceye platform gives easy access to advanced globaltimelytemporal satellite product images and critical information.

Spaceye delivers you GIS ready processed satellite images and thematic maps.



Meet Spaceye

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2Select date range

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5Click analyze

6Select a Spaceye product

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  1. Our platform
  2. What we do

Spaceye is our online platform that provides timely and global access to advanced remote sensing products in various thematic areas, like Agriculture, Marine and Coastal Monitoring, Natural Hazards and much more. These products include multiple spectral indexes, classified maps, and physical parameters (chlorophyll estimation, crop stress, crop identification and growth stage, soil organic matter, etc). Spaceye is ideal for people and companies that exploit or need to exploit Earth Observation data.

Experts with remote sensing background, who wish not to waste time in searching, selecting, downloading, imagery preprocessing and calculating indexes, Spaceye have you covered. Enterprises that need to integrate with their products added-value information and not just data, Spaceye is a cost effective solution. Multi-temporal analysis is now possible with a fraction of effort and price.

For our Constellation clients we also offer even more specialized services, by implementing custom remote sensing algorithms and by performing studies and field/lab spectral measurements to prove how Earth Observation benefits their businesses.

For more information about the main features of Spaceye, download the e-brochure.

SpaceAnalyzer is a remote sensing company focused on delivering high volume of processed and advanced Earth Observation products. Our goal is to enable the “ease of access” to added value remote sensing products that can be used to extract real information and intelligence. Whether you study a small region or you want the whole globe, we have a solution for you.

Multi-temporal analysis, physical parameter extraction are made easy! Our remote sensing background allow us to also implement and validate custom algorithms for specific user needs.

For more information, download the e-brochure about company profile and always feel free to contact us.


Why to Choose Spaceye?
  • Global Coverage

  • Fresh Data

  • Satellite Data from 1985

  • One-click Analysis

  • Reduced Mapping Time and Effort

  • Easy Access

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