Land Use Mapping

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Cloud-less Compositing

Cloud free mosaics or composite products are a special type of advanced Earth Observation products that can be used in numerous applications. Land cover classification, precision agriculture, regional environmental monitoring, seasonal mapping, are only a few to mention.

SpaceAnalyzer has developed a new fully automatic process to composite index based temporal global cloud free mosaics. This service is available for our constellation users.

The following example illustrates our capacity in compositing cloud free mosaics. Spain, Portugal and Morocco are part of this “summer” demo. We used the NDVI, NDMI and BSI indexes as produced by Spaceye for the June, July, and August of 2015 to create this cloud free composite. On the left part of the map you can see the result from our automatic cloud free compositing, while on the right part of the map we present a mosaic as it is produced by overlaying the indexes one on top of each other. In blue you can see the clouds.

spain mosaic

Cloud-free composite from Spaceye