Marine / Coastal Monitoring

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Marine / Coastal Monitoring

The coastal habitats including the near shore water and land bodies are essential for the sustainable development of the economy and play an important role to the societal growth. Decision makers, urban planners, and environmental organizations are using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) along with satellite images and ground through data to help them understand and better manage the local ecosystem.

Landsat 8 has the capability to map and monitor the water quality (Chlorophyll concentration, sea surface temperature, water transparency, total suspended matter, etc) of vast region of interest within a timely response. Calibrating these data with ground trough measurements results to a complete system that can actually provide positive impact the environment and the economy.

By using different multitemporal spectral indices, such as NDVI, the user can determine which water quality parameter is abnormal or affects naturally protected areas.

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Composite of NDVI (sea) and RGB: 764 (land) from Spaceye