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Normalized Burned Ratio Index (NBRI)

Forest fires are a severe manmade or natural phenomena that destroy natural recourses, live stock, unbalances the local environments, release huge amount of Green House Gases etc. The scientific community has introduced the Normalized Burned Ratio Index (NBRI) to estimate the severity of fires, mainly in forested areas. NBRI takes advantage of the near infrared and short wave infrared spectral bands, which are sensitive in vegetation changes, to detect burned areas and monitor the recovery of the ecosystem.

The NBRI must be used at least in pairs in order to extract information. One NBRI image before the fire event and one or more NBRI images after the fire event. The difference among these NBRI images will highlight the burned areas and can be used to monitor the behavior of the ecosystem as the time passes.

Our Spaceye product uses the near infrared and short wave infrared spectral bands from various satellites (Landsat 8 OLI, Landsat 5 TM, Sentinel 2 MSI) to calculate the NBRI with the following formulas (one for each satellite):


Our NBRI product is produced for the whole globe from 1985 to today with timely temporal resolution!

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