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Normalized Difference Glassier Index (NDGI)

Glaciers are an essential part of our living environment and especially the cryosphere. Although not everybody is familiar with glaciers, they are considered as very important natural regions that need to be preserved and monitored. Scientists analyzing glaciers can better model and understand the climate and it’s changes and dive into earth’s long forgotten climate history!

Normalized Difference Glacier Index (NDGI) is a numerical indicator that helps to detect and monitor glaciers by using the green and red spectral bands. The main remote sensing applications that NDGI is used are glacier detection and monitoring (movement over time, continuity etc).

Our Spaceye product uses the green and red spectral bands from various satellites (Landsat 8 OLI, Landsat 5 TM, Sentinel 2 MSI) to calculate the NDGI with the following formulas (one for each satellite):


Our NDGI product is produced for the whole globe from 1985 to today with timely temporal resolution!

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