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Normalized Pigment Chlorophyll Ratio Index (NPCRI)

Crop/vegetation chlorophyll content is one of the parameters that is needed to determine several physiological parameters of plants. For example, crops with low Nitrogen content usually have a high carotenoid to chlorophyll ratio. Changes in such parameters can alter the spectral response of plants, thus making possible to quantify them using spectral indexes.

The Normalized Pigment Chlorophyll Ratio Index (NPCRI) is a numerical indicator that is associated with the chlorophyll content and can find applications in precession agriculture. Using the red and blue spectral bands, NPCRI can capture the information needed to quantify chlorophyll and Nitrogen.

Our Spaceye product uses the red and blue spectral bands from various satellites (Landsat 8 OLI, Landsat 5 TM, Sentinel 2 MSI) to calculate the NPCRI with the following formulas (one for each satellite):


Our NPCRI product is produced for the whole globe from 1985 to today with timely temporal resolution!

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