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User Interface

Spaceye is our online platform that provides timely and global access to advanced remote sensing products in various thematic areas, like Agriculture, Marine and Coastal Monitoring, Natural Hazards and much more. Explore our platform easily following the steps below:


Step 1: Create a new ROI

After you logged in Spaceye the site redirects you to ROI page. Here you browse your already created Regions Of Interest (ROIs), create new ones, and check you account statistics.

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Step 2: Define the extend of ROI

Click on the “Add ROI” button to create a new ROI. Fill in the name and the description of the ROI in the form that appears and click “Create”.

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Step 3: Draw ROI and Select Date Range

By the time you created the ROI, you are redirected to the Spaceye browser. Draw a bounding box of your region you want to monitor and select the date range.

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From the button “Actions” you can clear the drawn polygon or draw a new one. You can also change the base map. More base maps will follow!

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Click on the “Load Scenes” to retrieve the number of images contained in the bounding box for the specific date range.

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Finally click on the “Analyze” button to initiate the process!


Step 4: Select Added Value Product(s)

From the Spaceye Products page select the Added Value Products available at Spaceye!
Click on one or more products with the “Select” button.
Click “Analyze” and your products are ready to be downloaded!

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Step 5: Download Added Value Product(s)

Now you are ready to download your data!
Just click on the “Download” button of the ROI you just created.

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Believe it or not, you are ready! In less that 2 minutes you get advanced added value satellite products!